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Millennium Tower

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The Millennium Tower Dubai is located on a prominent plot adjacent to the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and rises to 285m. The client’s dual requirements were aesthetics and functionality.

This tower incorporates what looks like a sliding mass that is essentially achieved by slipping different elements over one another in vertical planes in a tapering fashion so that the lowest mass rises to the topmost of the building. A solid frame element anchors the Millennium Tower building to the ground whilst a second central body supported by the frame element expresses a vertical upward movement. The articulation of the main body into lighter elements at the apex of the building is further emphasised by the presence of the deep recess at the base which creates a sense of weightlessness to the ‘main body’ of the Millennium Tower Dubai.

The body glass, which is non-reflective, is tinted with fifty percent transparency to afford some view of the interior thereby creating a sense of animation to the facade.

The Millennium Tower apartment layouts are standardised to maximise functionality and cost effectiveness.

A total of 301 three-bedroom apartments and 106 two bedroom apartments are provided on 55 typical floors, and the building services are located on floors 10, 30 and 50. Parking facilities, for 471 vehicles, are provided in the multi-storey car park building, the roof of which accommodates a 25m long swimming pool, a gymnasium, squash courts and changing rooms.

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  • Location : Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Main Contractor : DCC
  • Client : WS Atkins
  • Status : Completed