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Blue Diamond Products manufactured in UK

Fire Protection Expert

Make your business secure with Blue Diamond Fire Protection

Fire Stopping

Made of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated wall or floor.

Fire Proofing

Rendering something resistant to fire, or incombustible; or material for use in making anything fire-proof.

Trusted and Tested Fire Protection

A proven track record in contracting and real estate development, MENA region. projects collective worth $ billions +

Civil Defense

24×7 enhance the safety and security of the people and property of Dubai…

FM Approvals

The FM APPROVED mark is recognized and respected worldwide.


Rated as a reliable iso certification by the Global iso register UK


Certified to applicable European standards and UL-EU Mark service requirements.


Recognized quality contractors of life safety firestop systems


Satisfied the development meets legislative requirements.

Our Rating

  • Fire Proofing 99% 99%
  • Fire Stopping 99% 99%








Credentials & Approvals

How we work?

1. Survey the Site Location

Checking with the supervision with the site Engineers.

2. Proposals & Contract Signing

Presenting the MST and Pre-qual to clients Materials.

3. Fire Proofing & Fire Stop Works

Application of BD Passive Fire Protection at Site Location.

4. Project Completion!

Submission of OM (Operation Manual).

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read questions bellow and if you can not find your answer, please send us your question, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Under what circumstances can fire stopping include pattressed solutions?

Answer: Any system intended to be used as a pattress cover to the void behind must be proven by fire test or assessment or engineering judgement by a competent person or body for the intended field of application and for the required fire resistance period. Ad hoc patching will not meet all the fire resistance criteria required.

A plastic service penetrates a tightly cored drilled floor slab and immediately turns through 90 degree into the horizontal plane. However, there is no or limited space for the application of wraps, collars or sleeves? What should be done?



Under these circumstances it will be impractical to achieve an adequate fire stop with any of the common pipe closure solutions, but this does not remove the requirement to provide such a fire stop. It will therefore be necessary to either:

  • Reposition/extend the pipe such that a pipe collar can be fitted to the soffit of the floor.
  • Use a smaller diameter pipe so that a collar/wrap/sleeve can be fitted within the floor.
  • Re-drill the hole in the floor, so that a collar/wrap/sleeve can be fitted within the floor.
  • The pipe could be boxed in by fire resisting construction.
  • More innovative pipe closure devices, specifically designed and tested to cope with this situation, would be required.

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